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" I have seen the plans of the Whitney Mixed Use Project and I think it is exactly what the city should promote more of in La Jolla Shores. The concept of residential over retail has worked so well around the world for generations; I am surprised we do not see more of it in La Jolla. This new building will inject new life on to this important corner of our village".       Roger Clark (Lifelong resident of La Jolla)
"The Whitney's vision would greatly improve the Shores and enhance the property values of the entire area. A mixed use building is ideal for that corner and the underground garage would alleviate parking issues"     Jonathan and Tracey Riley
" That block has so much potential that is currently unrealized, and a design such as the one they have created would add greatly to the vibrant, pedestrian friendly live/ work/ shop feeling that area should have".   Drew Nelson 
" We need some beautiful buildings like the Whitney project. The project meets the guidelines of the PDO and has been already been approved by the City of San Diego's Development Services Staff, a Public Hearing Officer, and The San Diego Planning Commission. There is no material reason for any more costly, unnecessary delays for a project that will only be beneficial to the area, to local businesses and to residents alike"   Guylyn Cummings
I write to request that you vote to deny the appellants appeal of Whitney Project. This appeal lacks merit and is part of the appellants deliberate strategy of delaying and  protracting the approval process of this project as much as possible to maximize the economic hardship to the Whitney family.  An abuse of process at its worst. The Whitney project will be a beautiful addition to our community. 
Greg & Cathy Carron
"The project meets the guidelines of the PDO and has already been reviewed and approved by the city of San Diego's Development Services Staff, a Public Hearing officer and the San Diego Planning Commission twice! The appellants arguments for appeal are not based on fact or reason, but strictly vindictive and without basis as confirmed during all previous reviews".  Lorenzo Di Michieli and family
" My wife and I are convinced that the Whitney's project will be a wonderful addition to La Shores - an area which, notwithstanding it's undeniable charms - could surely use some well-thought-out updating and renovation. Our belief in this regard is reinforced by our long personal acquaintance with Bob Whitney, and the knowledge that he will approach this development in a responsible and professional manner".        Steve and Sally Schreiner
"I own one of the commercial buildings in the 2100  block of Avenida de la Playa & have been following the Whitney project closely. There are no setbacks , no floor area ratios & the building height limit is 30 feet in this commercial core of La Jolla Shores. Bulk and scale arguments are design issues and the aesthetics of the project are subjective points. This is merely a few neighbors demanding design changes & I personally think the corner orientation of the building is attractive.  I have been extremely active in various La Jolla Community organizations over the past 15 years as you are aware. I am particularly sensitive to Avenida de la Playa and all 7 of my tenants support the Whitney's. We do not feel this project is detrimental to the Shores and  support the project. Please deny the appeal".     Lance Peto
"I live at and own commercial property at 2144 to 2146 Avenida de la Playa in La Jolla Shores; Just one block west of the proposed Whitney Mixed Use Project which I support. My family and I have owned commercial property and operated businesses in the commercial area on Avenida de la Playa since 1958. Our buildings, and most of the other commercial buildings, here in La Jolla Shores are old and not up to various new codes and standards - Handicapped, lead and asbestos issues, no fire sprinklers, very little insulation, no double pane glass, no parking, inadequate fire exits, energy inefficient, no elevators, etc. For these and other reasons, all of these commercial buildings in La Jolla Shores will need to be replaced in the near future as they have reached economic obsolescence. This will only happen if it makes economic sense and the building process is reasonable. My main points are:

Most existing neighboring buildings already have a ZERO front and side yard setback on Avenida de la Playa.

Many buildings nearby in La Jolla Shores are already close to 30 feet or taller - The Kellogg Office Building, the Morris Office Building, Seacrest Condos. Condos on the South side in the 2100 block of Avenida de la Playa, La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, La Jolla Shores Hotel, Playa del Oro         Apartments ( and adjacent condos) Clubdominiums, and of course, The Naegle Building immediately next door to the Subject property to the East.

Many buildings listed above have a similar, if not larger, Floor Area Ratio ( FAR ). No public views are going to blocked by this building. The Whitney projects sits amongst and between the before named larger, taller buildings.

The occupants, employees and customers of this new proposed building are needed to support the existing restaurants and businesses in the current La Jolla Shores Commercial Area, particularly during the off-season".       Martin Moiser

"The Whitney project meets the guidelines of the PDO and has been already been approved by the City of San Diego's Development Services Staff, a Public Hearing Officer, and The San Diego Planning Commission.  There is no material reason to continue to force the Whitney family to endure unnecessary delays and additional costs to move forward with a project that will only benefit the area, for local businesses, residents and tourists alike.  As your constituents, we ask that you deny the appeal of this project and encourage your fellow council members to do the same" 
Kathy and Jeff Lysaught (Former owner of the second Dale Naegle building)
"I would like to take just a minute of your time to share with you how enthusiastic I am regarding the Whitney family project in the Shores.  I moved to the shores a number of years ago because of the low key-kick back feeling one gets here, even more quaint than the Village. I so enjoy the ability to walk everywhere and the overall quaintness of the Shores.  Having said that, I also have come to realize that so much of the Shores (especially  Avenida De La Playa) are in dire need of a face lift, to say the least".
"The Whitney project does that and so much more.  It is going to be done with great taste and will be a huge asset to the Shores!  I have attended a couple of the "meetings" downtown and it is quite clear that most of those opposed to this project have their own agendas".  
Sherri, in closing, I would ask that you deny this appeal and let the Whitney project get started and thus begin a face lift in the heart of the Shores that is so badly needed.          Peter Brubeck
Sherri, As you know I live right across the street from the Whitney Project. I am so delighted that Mr. Whitney is doing this project. Mr. Whitney has followed all the rules and regulations that the city codes require and he has been approved by the city of San Diego Development Services and also from the Planning Commission. I was in attendance for both of these sessions, and I might add so were over 150 folks from the La Jolla Shores who were in full support of this project. Mr. Whitney has attempted to meet with every person with in a mile or more of his project and spent over 5 months standing on the corner of his project with the renderings to show anyone who would walk by. I watched him gathered signatures from those who walked by.
Mr. Whitney originally hired Mr. Dael Nagle who did the original design and you should look at the design that Mr. Nagle proposed but the  " RUB " came when Mr. Whitney did not hire Mr. Nagle to do the final architectural design. so now Mr. Nagle opposes the project...... Sherri, I am so excited that we are doing something positive for our La Jolla Shores community. This building will add a new dimension and no doubt it will bring a vitality and energy to the shores.   Tom Hassey
"I have reviewed the proposed project and I believe it meets the criteria of the L.J.S.P.D.O. and fits the eclectic character of the La Jolla Shores Neighbor-hood Center".  Michael J. Stepner FAIA, FAICP, FIUD Former City Architect, CIty of San Diego, Author of the La Jolla Shores Precise Plan and the LJSPDO
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 I have zero personal or financial interest in this project. I do not know the Whitneys. I am not a builder. I do not have projects, nor plan any projects in La Jolla or elsewhere. I would describe myself as a staunch environmentalist, smart growth Liberal. Having watched the process for an absurdly long 6 years and observed many times that the Whitney's have compromised and that this project seems quite reasonable and within the PDO, which sadly is quite vague inviting criticism of almost ANY project and therein is the rub, the vagueness of descriptions of what will "fit" in the PDO. I support this project! Bob, I have the greatest sympathy for what you and your family have gone through. This type of gridlock is absurd. The process must be changed or we are ALL doomed to a sisphean existence where nothing gets done. I repeat, I am not a builder. I simply have no idea how the Whitney Family has had the fortitude to move forward all these many years. You and your family's fortitude reminds me of Mr. Louis Zamperini documented in the book and film, "Unbroken". There are people out here who support you! There are people who want the process changed as it has become a circular farce.    Sincerely, Robert C. Nelson

"It is a sad day for La Jolla when groups like the LJCPA think they have the right to interfere with a well planned development. Shame on the LJCPA and the San Diego City Council for wasting people's time and money to promote their self-righteous behavior".   A comment posted on the La Jolla Light website May 2011